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Interior trends: Forecast by Home Fabrics

Interior trends: Forecast by Home Fabrics

Trend specialist, Garth Wastie, from Home Fabrics was recently in Port Elizabeth to present Home Fabrics’ latest fabric ranges. It was fabulously entertaining and inspiring, with loads of options for all styles and tastes.

Garth says; “Nothing exudes a sense of depth and authenticity more than a space that has been well-curated, a reflection of history, personality and personal style are all the things needed to make an interior space a home.”

Looking at global furnishing textiles trends, there are three distinct directions beautifully executed by Zimmer & Rhode, Designers Guild, Osborne & Little - to name a few.

The first trend is Asian-inspired, spanning from the Arabian Peninsula, with gorgeous geometrics inspired by architectural elements and floor details. Zimmer & Rhode takes the lead here while Osborne & Little’s new Pasha Collection offers softer elements by moving further east to ancient Kashmir and a resurgence in the classic Paisley motif.

Designs are in a myriad of various scales and proportions, in delicate embroideries to luscious printed cotton velvets. Clarke & Clarke’s new collections offer artisanal fabrics hand-dyed and embellished with Damasks inspired by Zanzibar’s Arabian conquerors.

The Asia trend ends in China and the Far East, with a return to Chinoisserie. Imperial Gardens, Asian Landscapes and Bamboo stalks are a huge inspiration for Designers Guild, with dip-dyed linens, shaded wallpapers and painterly blooms that sit elegantly against delicately textured velvets.

Botany, the second trend, sees a return to nature, with detailed etching of flowers and flying insects, particularly Butterflies, drawing our attention back to nature. While Christian la Croix’s new collection, Nouveaux Monde, features exotic fruit, soft Manoas make for statement pieces as wallpaper or gorgeous upholstery or clusters of flying insects creating a sense of whimsy.

Lastly, Taxidermy explores death and the relationship between aesthetics, art and science. Tiger, Leopard and Zebra skins offer an organic graphic quality. Rogue Taxidermy is the softer more feminine side of this trend and is being headed up by women recreating phantom creatures.

Satin jacquard tiger stripes layered with embroidered life like leopard heads create a glamorous take on this trend. Christian la Croix offers animal skin in camo effects. Feathers also feature heavily, either clustered into earthen vessels or framed between glass. Feathers are a return to flights of fancy and a very sophisticated interpretation of the taxidermy trend.