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International award winning IPad app creator comes to Port Elizabeth

Aug 21, 2015
International award winning IPad app creator comes to Port Elizabeth

Alex Glassey, International Entrepreneur & CEO of Glassey Technologies Inc. and the founder of StratPad, an award-winning iPad App that makes business planning simple for entrepreneurs, will be in Port Elizabeth on 11 September 2015 to host a Workshop called “Rocket Fuel for your Business”.   

Alex is passionate about helping businesses succeed on strategy, business planning and basic finance. 

He is a dynamic and compelling presenter, his warm, engaging style and practical, plain-spoken approach enlivens the most deadly business topic and leaves audiences challenged and inspired.  Alex tailors each presentation to the needs and interests of his audience. 

He’s spoken to business and nonprofit groups, conferences and entrepreneurial boot camps globally. 

What Alex brings to every talk is his passion for entrepreneurs and business and an in-depth knowledge and experience from his own proven track record as a serial entrepreneur, business advisor and university instructor.

Alex’s aim is to circle the world and lead business planning workshops in various countries, like New Zeeland, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Italy and the United Kingdom.   

These extraordinary one-day workshops are “transformative” and “business-changing”. They teach owners of businesses how to think about their business in a fresh way, how to effectively plan the next phase, and how to executive successfully.  And, of course, how to create a high-quality business plan including financial projections.  

StratPad is on a mission to a million and wants to support entrepreneurs everywhere.

Alex will be hosted by the E-Square Enterprise Group.

For more information to attend this Business Changing Workshop, please contact Debbie Bergsman at E-Square Enterprises on 041 585 2755 or debbieb@e-square.co.za.