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International Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation names its winners for 2015

By Hendrik Langenhoven - Aug 24, 2015
International Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation names its winners for 2015

Having recently moved Cape Town, I was very curious and excited to finally see the show that so many people in Port Elizabeth have been raving on about for months, the International Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation awards 2015.

With only a few weeks of preparation, IBFF President Steve Hawkins and Vice President Michael Batteson, created a magical night under immense pressure and time constraints. With sponsorship from MuscleFit, USN and NutriTech, the IBFF team was strengthened building up to the event, inviting quality athletes and generating public awareness for a sold out event in Port Elizabeth.

Sunday afternoon at 4PM, the house was packed in central PE with 305 seated spectators and an additional 120 standing individuals to witness 40 invited athletes flex fight it out across various classes of fitness.

MC Duncan McDonald opened the event to an applauding crowd packed from wall to wall with the judges ready to start the live judging.

Talk about professional and timely! When the events team advertised 4PM from 8PM, they delivered on their promise with the crowd applauding the athletes, the judges and the IBFF Management at 19h45.

“When we started planning the IBFF Night of Champions our goal was to put together a show that will not only benefit the athletes but also grow athletes within in the fitness industry, with six brand ambassadors being announced out of our event I can now confidently say that that is exactly what we accomplished,” Hawkins said.


Masters o/40

1st - Peter Willis
2nd - Lionel Martin
3rd - Mbyzeli Tsako
4th - Ashley Watts
5th - Werner Kruger

Juniors u/23
1st - Gareth Scheepers
2nd - Jason Wood
3rd - Storm Stuart
4th - Christo Smith

Miss Figure
1st - Mandi Maritz
2nd - Melissa Farreira
3rd - Vanessa Oberholzer
4th - Ryma Garaghly

Miss Fitness
1st - Taryn Oosthuizen
2nd - Chevonne Bishop
3rd - Liandi Erasmus
4th - Caileigh Stap
5th - Lee-Ann Joubert

Model Teen
1st - Marijke Maritz
2nd - Jade Hammond
3rd - Trystan Claire Bain
4th - Abbigail Dorfling
5th - Nadine Smuts
6th - Bianca Viljoen

Mr Athletic
1st - Dewald Steunberg
2nd - Johannes de Lange
3rd - Devonshire Pillay
4th - Jade Smith
5th - Nathi Ndlebe
6th - Anton Siebert

Men’s Short
1st - Lukhonyo Novoyi
2nd - Given Nduna
3rd - Sandile Wkolongo
4th - Abrie Landman

Men’s Middle
1st - Sergio Stanley
2nd - Buntu Mavela
3rd - Shane Vermeulen
4th - Kyle Ruppelt

Men’s Tall
Thulani Mayinje