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International Women's Peace Group to open Port Elizabeth branch

MARCH 9, 2016
International Women's Peace Group to open Port Elizabeth branch

Elizabeth Cook and Caron Strydom, from the International Women's Peace Group (IWPG) approached Mimi Rupp, Lindsay Ziehl and Susan Potgieter to sign the International Women’s Peace Agreement and commit to assist the organisation in opening a Port Elizabeth branch of the IWPG.

The mission of the organisation is to work with global female leaders and women’s groups to raise awareness about peace and providing loving assistance and support in places that are desperately seeking peace.

“IPWG branches are scattered throughout the world so that women can work as one and become messengers for peace,” comments Mimi Rupp.

“Women have many roles, but ours traits as females, to mother, care and support amongst others can unite communities, ease unrest and bring about peace – in its many forms.”

Above all, IWPG assists women in finding peace within themselves by voluntarily helping others. Through various activities that allow women to make the most out of their talents, the organisation is raising awareness that volunteering is about sharing the things that one has.

“Social volunteering will be one of the focuses to help vulnerable people within our community, and builds on the existing work that the three of us, myself, Lindsay and Susan already invest in,” concludes Mimi.

For more information on the IWPG visit www.internationalwomenspeacegroup.org