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Interview with: Devereaux Joubert on The Code Group's Bill Again system

JUNE 1, 2016
Interview with: Devereaux Joubert on The Code Group's Bill Again system

For any business, the delay between when you pay your suppliers and employees and the time you will collect from your customers is a big problem. While the solution could be in studying cash flow management, a Port Elizabeth-based technology start-up, The Code Group, has come up with an innovative and simple way for managers and entrepreneurs to keep on top of their business’ finances.

Business Link magazine (BL) met up with one of the company’s founders, Devereaux Joubert (DJ) and this is what we found out.

BL: Tell us about the Bill Again system that your company has developed to ease cashflow management for your clients?

DJ: Bill Again is an online automated billing system that assists with the headache of billing for products and services. It is useful for anyone who charges people or businesses over and over again for services, products and memberships among other things - be it daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

Bill Again automates the billing process to invoice and ensures you get the money directly. You can add the services and products you offer and their prices (multiple currencies available); customer profiles; link a customer to one or more products; set up billing start dates and your job is done!

With is template created, your customers will be invoiced and billed with whichever payment method you chose at every interval set, until you cancel their service or subscription.

BL: What is the rationale behind the system?

DJ: Our rationale is that cashflow is important to any business – big and small, and if there is a way to improve cashflow while at the same time allowing the managers and entrepreneurs to grow their business then many companies would succeed – especially the emerging small businesses.

So, the idea behind Bill Again is to ensure that businesses improve cashflow without taking their off their eyes on whatever they may be doing as their core business.

What’s good about the system and for added convenience, Bill Again can be fully integrated with existing accounting systems such as Pastel, but you will not need to use Pastel.

BL: We understand you are offering a three-month FREE trial of the system – how does it work?

DJ: How it works is when you get in touch with us, we will provide you with a promo code and when you enter that promo code into the system you immediately have FREE access to Bill Again for the next three months.

If you found the system useful for your company – which we believe you will, you can then sign up for a small monthly payment, which actually is determined by how much you use the system. That means even small businesses can afford to utilise Bill Again – more so if you are a one-man shop and do not have anyone to help check your cashflow.

BL: …And you will be available to help out anyone who won’t understand the system?

DJ:We have provided detailed how to materials about the system and we are available all the way to ensure everyone using the system gets the necessary support. We want to actually create relationships with our customers – they must know that we are there for them so that they can focus on building their businesses.

BL: It all sound amazing, how can companies get in touch with you?

DJ:Simply go to www.billagain.com - on the home page is a FREE sign-up bar,  you simply enter your email address and our team will get in touch with you.

The Code Group’s Port Elizabeth offices are at 50 Pickering Street in Newton Park and our Pretoria Office is at 613 John Scott Street, Constantia Park. Alternatively, you can call us 041 365 5888 or email [email protected]. Visit The Code Group at www.thecodegroup.co.za  for their other projects and business solutions.