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INTERVIEW WITH...Devereaux Joubert, Software Development Director at The Code Group

May 26, 2015
INTERVIEW WITH...Devereaux Joubert, Software Development Director at The Code Group

Founded in 2008, The Code Group provides services such as software, mobile and web development as well as online store creation and graphic design among other bespoke business solutions. Their custom software provides businesses and individuals with tailor-made applications that integrate business processes, business needs and other ‘nice to haves’ into one complete system.

With a dedicated team of experienced developers, the company now has from small local businesses, to large national and international brands among its clients.

Business Link (BL): Tell us about the work you have done on Mobile Development.

Devereaux Joubert (DJ): We have developed an Android App for the Connected City PE initiative as a way of giving back to our home town. Along with that, we have an online and offline App that assists charities in recording goods and money given to their members which syncs with the online Management System.

We also have a Reservation Management System App to assist guesthouses in managing their establishments. Another project we are developing is a Learning platform on Android, and later iOS, to provide training material, videos and tests to school learners.

BL: You have a reputation for Product Development, tell us why this is.

DJ: We believe in focusing and building long term relationships with our clients, and with Product Development rather than Custom Software Development, we are able to do just that. We are there from the start of the idea to the conceptualisation, definition and implementation of a solution and getting it to the market in the shortest possible time frame.

Thereafter, we are on call to assist in support and ongoing maintenance through the various phases of the system or application.

BL: What other Products are you working on currently or have developed?

DJ:We have done a recurring billing system called Bill Again that automates the invoicing and collection of money from our clients’ customers and a charity management system, which manages case files, applicants, donors and volunteers along with incorporating a strategy and performance management module, called Clever Charity.

We have a training management system called Training Sorted that facilitates and records the required information with managing training both internal and external - this is in line with the SETA standard of training management.

BL: Tell us more about Bill Again.

DJ:Bill Again is an online automated billing system that assists businesses with the entire process of billing their clients and retrieving the money - from registering products and services to customers, to stipulating the recurring payment period and terms up to the automatic collection of these payments. Bill Again offers all this in an all-in-one secure package, which is fully-adaptable to any mobile device.