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Interview with Investec BWA Top Professional Businesswoman Award winner, Cindy Jonker

By Jesica Slabbert - Jun 28, 2017
Interview with Investec BWA Top Professional Businesswoman Award winner, Cindy Jonker

Following her recent win at the Investec Regional Businesswoman’s Association (BWA) Awards that took place in June, RNEWS sat down with Cindy Jonker to learn more about her career so far and the local business environment from a businesswoman’s perspective.

Cindy is the Director of the Corporate and Commercial Law Department at leading Port Elizabeth-based legal firm, Goldberg & de Villiers Inc.

Including the time she spent studying, she has actually been in the legal field for 22 years now. Cindy graduated at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), then known as the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE), and did her articles at a local firm for two years.

She has spent the 15 years of her professional career at two law firms in Port Elizabeth and now also teaches a law night school class at the NMMU.

“I have always loved reading and general knowledge and current affairs, so I think it was almost a natural progression that I would go into law,” Cindy describes.

“When I started my articles, I was exposed to Commercial Law from the get-go. A senior attorney at the firm where I practised took me under his wing and I think he must have seen some potential in me, which I am very grateful for.”

Commercial Law entails all aspects of company law - this includes the drafting of agreements and advising clients on corporate and commercial law, the establishment of trusts, and handling disagreements.

“I am actually the only female attorney in town with my experience - practising in the Commercial Law field for over 15 years now,” adds Cindy.

But despite all of this, Cindy still has a lot more that she wishes to achieve in life.

She says she would like to become the top commercial attorney in Port Elizabeth and finally be able to find the right balance between her work life and her job as a mother.

Cindy emphasises that people can achieve anything if they put hard work and dedication into what they do, be they stay-at-home mothers or businesswomen.

“Own yourself and believe in yourself, don’t let anybody put you down in any career aspect,” she advises.