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Interview with Jason Kitching, Regional Sales Manager at dorma+kaba - Eastern Cape

Dec 12, 2016
Interview with Jason Kitching, Regional Sales Manager at dorma+kaba - Eastern Cape

Since 1984, when global security and access solutions provider, dormakaba, arrived in the Eastern Cape, the company has grown steadily - looking after the needs of a number of national corporate clients as well as numerous local companies.

Business Link magazine (BL) recently caught up with Jason Kitching (JK), Regional Sales Manager at dormakaba - Eastern Cape, to find out more about the company.

BL: What exactly does dormakaba do?

JK:dormakaba is an international market leader in Architectural Hardware and Access Control products. We strive to be the trusted industry leader and our mission is to make access in life smart and secure. We provide the Architectural and Building Industry with customised ironmongery specifications from Door Control Solutions to Frameless Glass Fittings, Automatic Door Solutions and simple to highly secure Access Control Systems.

BL: But there are many other players in this space – what is unique about dormakaba?

JK:Competition is always healthy; staying in front of the pack means constantly having to adapt to an ever-evolving market by continuously developing exciting new methods to reach our objectives. Fortunately, dormakaba is backed by more than 150 years’ experience in this industry internationally, and locally we have many years of trusted experience within our ranks.

BL: What is the best business advice that you have ever received?

JK: Sales can be a highly demotivating occupation at times, but never let negativity cloud your judgement. Set a clear goal and do today what you would usually put off till tomorrow. I currently live my life by a strong statement which reads, “There are no roadblocks along the extra mile and those, who truly give their best at an attempt, have never regretted it.”

Stay away from multitasking and give each task your full attention, because if you are chasing two rabbits, you will catch neither.

BL: What are some of the lessons that you have learnt about operating a business in the Eastern Cape?

JK: Business in the province is tough, and generally, always has been. I find it still to be a very traditional market with a sometimes “tight-fisted” clientele, where relationships and trust play a key role in securing valuable business. Selling a premium product, such as ours, will always be a challenge in most markets with so many competitors, but with our expertise, experience and quality after sale service we are successful. We go a long way to looking after our clients. With a consistent approach to building trustworthy relationships, there should be no reason for failure.