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Interview with…Michael Tuohy, General Manager and Shareholder at Headhunters Port Elizabeth

Dec 22, 2015
Interview with…Michael Tuohy, General Manager and Shareholder at Headhunters Port Elizabeth

Consistently and successfully matching ‘great people with great jobs’ has made Port Elizabeth recruitment consultancy, Headhunters, which celebrated a decade under award-winning owner, Shara Cape, in September, one of the top recruiters in the Eastern Cape.

Most recently, Headhunters’ boosted its capacity by bringing in ex-Volpes Sales & Marketing Director and shareholder, Michael Tuohy, who joined the team as General Manager and shareholder in August.

Below is a snippet of what Business Link (BL) magazine learnt from Touhy (MT);

BL: For 17 years, you were at Volpes – selling world-class linen, how did the shift into recruitment come about?

MT:   I decided to exit Volpes, after the business was sold to the Coricraft Group in 2014. It was at the same time that I stumbled across Shara, and after a few meetings, came to a mutual agreement that I would join Headhunters as an equity partner. We are now looking at how we can transform the business and take it to the next level.

BLM: How have you been settling in a new industry?

MT: No doubt about it – it has been a big paradigm shift, from selling a tangible product (linen and décor) into a service oriented sector. Fortunately, it has been a seamless transition for me because the team that I have joined is a team that is well-forged and they really welcomed me with open arms. Undoubtedly I had to learn and become au faux with the dynamics and nuances associated with a recruitment business, but I has been an incredibly exciting journey thus far.

BL: What is your vision for Headhunters in you new role? 

MT: Our business philosophy is that we do not want to be the biggest, but we want to be the best - that is the Headhunters way. My role is to ensure that we do not dilute that mantra and that we continue with it into the future. So, when we look at growth, we want to grow without compromising our service excellence to our clients. I am very fortunate that the Headhunters brand is a well-known and a well-respected brand by the business sector at large, throughout the Eastern Cape.

BL: What is the secret behind Headhunters’ success?

MT: Above all teamwork is paramount. Taking it one step further, for teamwork to thrive in a business, you have to have four important ingredients – dedication, determination, discipline and drive. What I have found at Headhunters is that every single person associated with the company embraces those four D’s - that’s why success has been forthcoming for Shara and her team.