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Interview with…Mosa Dikoba, COO of Citrus Green Solutions

MARCH 17, 2016
Interview with…Mosa Dikoba, COO of Citrus Green Solutions

Citrus Green Solutions has been operating in Port Elizabeth since 2013 as a cleaning business that provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions, helping to create a healthy environment. It specialises in industrial cleaning and fleet cleaning, with its focus on the food, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

The company has been growing steadily and gained a new client every month throughout 2015, which led to an increase in staff from two, in 2014, to 20, by the end of 2015. Again in 2015, Citrus Green Solutions opened new branches in Mthatha, East London, Richards Bay, Durban and Johannesburg.

Business Link magazine (BL) caught up with COO, Mosa Dikoba (MD), to find out more on the company.

BL: Tell us more about your eco-friendly approach to industrial cleaning?

MD: We use eco-friendly bio-degradable chemicals as well as equipment that saves energy and water. On our fleet cleaning service, we also offer a waterless option. We provide a holistic approach and view on how our cleaning will affect our client’s environment and their staff. 

BL: What has been the biggest contribution to your latest business growth and success?

MD: Ensuring that systems are in place to handle growth through the use of a strong corporate structure has been the biggest contributor to our success The business mentoring we received from The Hope Factory, by Coenraad Swart, assisted us greatly in putting the new systems into place.

BL: What role does a health and safety officer play within your business processes?

MD: Our health and safety officer provides a full risk assessment at every client before we enter their production plant. Thereafter, on the basis of the assessment, we continue to clean all heights and areas of the manufacturing plant. We guarantee an ISO-approved standard when it comes to our cleaning.

BL: What advice would you give your clients with respect to the importance of creating a healthy work environment?

MD: Your staff are your most important asset, and they ensure that revenue targets are met. Designing an occupational health and safety cleaning programme that puts them first is your insurance cover in protecting your bottom line.