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Interview with…Sean Steyn, Managing Director at Phicor Architectural Products

Feb 17, 2016
Interview with…Sean Steyn, Managing Director at Phicor Architectural Products

Establised in 2011 in Port Elizabeth,  Phicor Architectural Products marked its foot print as a turnkey solutions to design, manufacture and install a wide spectrum of products ranging from aluminium, glass and steel (stainless and mild steel) components. To mention a few aluminium windows, doors, stacking doors, curtain walling, frameless doors and showers, staircases, balustrades, bullet resistant enclosures and of course any challenges that our clients have. We supply to the domestic and commercial industry throughout the Eastern Cape.

Business Link magazine (BL) recently caught up with Phicor Managing Director, Sean Steyn (SS), and this is what we found out.

BL: What has been the key to Phicor growth and success so far?

SS: At Phicor we take on every opportunity that comes our way and seldom shy away from any challenges, you never know where the outcome can lead you in future business whether it’s a small or large scale project. Those smaller projects often lead to the bigger ones.

I also strongly believe that our success is due to the hard yards the team at Phicor have put into the company over the past four years. Every single team member at Phicor understands our customer’s needs and have stepped up to the plate when needed often working 15 hour days. It’s important to keep a good comradery between our teams as I strongly believe your company is strong as your workforce.

BL: What lessons have you learnt as an entrepreneur about our construction sector?

SS: The Eastern Cape is a very challenging market with the construction industry with a very narrow minded approach due to budget constraints in this part of the country. It is therefore important to get to know your customers well and build a relationship with them from the start. One of our mottos is to deliver a quality product on time 

BL: What is your outlook for 2016 for Phicor and the construction sector?

SS: 2016 already looks promising for us with two/three anchor projects on the cards and more opportunities on the horizon. Challenges are with us all the time whether its financial, labour relations, factory output - it’s irrelevant; it’s just the way we manage those challenges as a team that counts at the end.

BL: What is probably the best piece of business advice that you have ever received?

SS: I have been more technical and hands-on for most of my career. It’s a great strength to have within a manufacturing facility thriving on new product developments and processes. As a CEO I lacked financial skills. MC Designs - CEO Ettiene Steyn suggested that I do a financial management course to have a better understanding. Financial management has changed my outlook of the business. I believe it has been due to this that the company has grown year on year.