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Introducing DENSITIUM by SVR – dedicated to re-densifying and firming mature skin.

Jun 22, 2017
Introducing DENSITIUM by SVR – dedicated to re-densifying and firming mature skin.

DENSITIUM is the anti-ageing range dedicated to mature skin. The double re-densifying action treats multiple skin layers for a strengthened and restructured skin.

This range reduces the signs of ageing in mature skin using two exclusive active ingredients which act on the skin’s surface as well as deeper layers for proven effectiveness from 3 weeks.

Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid: with 60x greater skin penetration, the ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid re-densifies the dermis and acts deep down connective tissue. Reduces wrinkles and increases the skin's density. 60 x greater skin penetration capacity.

Bio-calcium: re-densifies epidermis, reinforces skin barrier, combats skin slackening. Restructures the skin and reinforces support tissue

Reinforces skin barrier, acts on skin slackening


DENSITIUM CRÈME –  R325 for 50ml

A moisturising cream that firms and strengthens the skin reducing signs of ageing for normal to dry skin. Skin is firmer, denser, more nourished.


An eye contour cream that helps reduce slackening of the eyelids, reduces wrinkles, under eye puffiness and dark circles.


Densifies the skin, provides reinforced anti-slackening action and helps maintain firm facial contours.



Visionary French pharmacists, Simone and Robert Veret, established Laboratoire SVR in 1962. They had a single aim in mind – to create ‘beautiful skin’.

An unrivalled skincare brand was born especially when it comes to effectiveness and tolerance

Today, SVR is a true star in the field of dermo-cosmetics. Its products are highly concentrated to maximise performance and specifically formulated to maximise tolerance.

SVR is the most concentrated dermatological brand and is

100% tested on sensitive skins and

100% free from allergens and parabens.

100% free from animal testing

SVR is prescribed by dermatologists in 45 countries around the globe while remaining true to its values and its core reason for being – to create beautiful skin.

An authentic, ethical and sincere approach combined with reliability and outstanding quality has enabled the brand to bring leading skincare products to the market, for all skin types and tones including the most sensitive skin.

SVR is suitable for all skin types. Their ranges are complementary and address a variety of skin issues:

  • Delicate / Sensitive skin - SENSIFINE
  • Oily / Acne-prone skin - SEBIACLEAR
  • Pigmentation - CLERIAL
  • Dry skin - HYDRALIANE
  • Rough skin - XERIAL
  • Ageing skin - DENSITIUM



The SVR DENSITIUM range is available at Clicksstores nationwide as well as at select Salons and Doctors. For a full list of stockists, visit www.labo-svr.co.za or call 012 548 072