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Introducing the Iconic Aussie Style Liquorice from Knocker Doodle!

Aug 22, 2017
Introducing the Iconic Aussie Style Liquorice from Knocker Doodle!

Knocker Doodle is a quirky and mischievous goblin that resides in mines and plays tricks on miners. One day a miner caught sight of him and followed him further into the mine. He was lead to a mysterious secret entrance. On the opening of this secret door the miner was introduced to another world. A world of imagination and magic. This world was full of fantasy, a fun and quirky place where the most ‘candylicious’ treasures were found.

The Knocker spotted him and gave him some of their candy that he then took out of the mine where the people of the town came running to see these amazing treats. And that’s how the Knocker Doodle candy was discovered!

Knocker Doodle was founded by Sean “Sweetie Man” Suckerman and Danny “Special” K in 2015 with the aim to change the sweetie game. Knocker Doodle develops only the highest quality products that are loved by South Africans of all ages.

The Knocker doodle Range promises something for everyone with a sweet tooth and a taste for high quality sweets.

The Aussie Style Liquorice in original twists are bite sized soft pieces of liquorice in green apple, red berry and classic black that are perfect for an anytime tasty snack. They feature the soft chewy texture that Knocker Doodle is famous for and a great full flavour that will take you on a taste adventure. 

Liquorice can be used in many different fun and unique ways, eat them alone or incorporate them into delicious desserts for the whole family!

Get Creative in the Kitchen for dessert time with your Aussie Style Liquorice and let this bold ingredient take centre stage against a neutral backdrop like ice cream and panna cotta or alternatively pair it up with other big flavours like mint, ginger, rhubarb and raspberries!

No matter the occasion Knocker Doodle wants to give you that extra bit of imagination and fun to add to your day.