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Introduction of Water Restrictions In Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Now “Imminent”

Aug 26, 2014
Introduction of Water Restrictions In Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Now “Imminent”

There is a “looming water shortage” in Nelson Mandela Bay and the introduction of water restriction measures is now “imminent”.

A report to the Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy Committee later this week says that restrictions will be introduced from October 1 along with in-creases in the water tariff.

Banned from October 1 this year will be the use of water obtained from the municipality’s supply system for watering gardens, lawns, grassed areas, flower beds, racecourses, sports fields, bowling greens, golf greens and fairways and turf wickets.

Also prohibited will be “the use or operation” of hosepipes, sprinklers, sprinkler and drip systems, automatic swimming pool filters and automatic urinal flushing systems.

Explaining the background to the decision, the report says the Department of Water and Sanitation, previously the Department of Water Affairs, “carries out annual modelling of the water re-sources of the region”.

Based on this it “regulates the rate of withdrawal from the various dams within the Algoa Water Supply Region for the following year”.

It says a meeting was held on July 1 this year between municipality staff and the Department of Water and Sanitation where it was announced that “the annual modelling predicts a water shortage crisis by 2015.

“As a consequence, the municipality has been restricted to 90% of its annual water allocation from all its resources with effect from July 1, 2014.”

The changes in the water tariffs will see the first 0.4 kilolitres a days (kl/d) for residential consumers charged at R9.44 whereas currently the first 0.8kld falls into this bracket. The next 0.4kl/d will be at R11.83 where currently the next 0.8kl/d is charged at this rate.

The next 0.8kl/d will be charged at R26.31 (currently the next 1kl/d is charged at R14.05) while the next 0.5 kl/d will be charged at R31.89 from October 1. Additional consumption will be charged at R79.73 (R23.92).

The tariff for commercial and institutions will be R13.52 (R9.44) and industrial R12.30 (R9.44). - MetroMinutes.