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Introduction to Afesis-corplan

Introduction to Afesis-corplan

Afesis-Corplan, established in 1992, is a vibrant, dynamic developmental NGO situated in East London that is well recognised as a pioneer in the areas of deepening participatory democracy and good local governance, local economic development and alternative settlement development approaches.

Afesis-corplan supports communities, community groupings and citizens to effectively engage with the state. The aim is to support citizens to actively unlock and enhance the state’s potential to deliver responsive services and targeted development initiatives through our developed and tested participatory methods.

Our vision is of a self-reliant society in which people have equitable access to resources and institutions are an expression of people’s needs and aspirations. And our mission is to empower communities of the Eastern Cape and beyond, by promoting active citizenship and good governance through participatory methods, policy-driven research and dialogue aimed at promoting access to land for sustainable human settlements, local economic development and good governance.

Our work is aimed at achieving change as follows:

Short – medium term impact

Medium – long term impact

Long – term impact

Change mindsets and behaviour from one where communities believe they are unable to affect and change in their living conditions and wait for government to do things for them, to mindsets and behaviour where communities appreciate the power they have in coming together with likeminded people and engaging government to influence and implement policy decisions in support of their needs and aspirations

Change policies from those that only encourage tick box participation legislative requirements to policies that support meaningful community participation and accountability in government decision making and implementation processes

Change conditions from people living in informal and overcrowded conditions far from opportunities to living in mixed neighbourhoods close to opportunities


 The benefits of our work in society are to ensure that:

  •  Citizens are empowered to participate meaningfully in decision-making;
  •  Citizens use and explore all means to raise their demands and concerns;
  •  There is less corruption as demand for accountability increases;
  •  Development interventions better target citizen needs;
  •  Tenure security improves and citizens improve their living conditions;
  •  Government accountability increases and service delivery improves; and
  •   Investor confidence improves and business opportunities increase.


For more details please visit our website at www.afesis.org.za                        E-mail: [email protected]


9 Wynne Street, Southernwood

East London, Eastern Cape 5200, South Africa                                     Add us to your address book