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IsiThembiso Babies Home: Helping to write a new story for the children of Port Elizabeth

Jul 20, 2018
IsiThembiso Babies Home: Helping to write a new story for the children of Port Elizabeth

Of the 18.5 million children living in South Africa, 4.5 million do not live with either of their parents.

According to the Department of Social Development, 1 in 3 South African children experience sexual abuse. Places of Safety exist to care for these children, those who have been abandoned or abused in their childhood years.

Isithembiso is a place of safety, located in Port Elizabeth that has cared for children, between the ages of 0-3, since 2005. They have provided a safe and loving environment for over 120 abandoned or abused children over the past 13 years. Of these children some have been re-united with their families and others have been adopted or fostered.

The Stretch Foundation recently partnered with Isithembiso to assist with nappies and formula, two of their basic ongoing needs. In addition, The Stretch Foundation has supplied one of Isithembiso’s older children, who suffers from cerebral palsy, with a wheelchair to help improve her daily mobility.

Dietlind Gretschel, a trained physiotherapist, has been involved in the delivery of comprehensive wheelchair services since 2007. She has been involved in the child’s case, assessing her individual needs to make an appropriate wheelchair prescription for her. The wheelchair has been fitted and user training will be provided along with regular follow up visits for the child.

Find out how you can support Isithembiso, and what your donation would mean, on their website, www.isithembiso.org or email teraniquewatts@gmail.com.

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