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Isuzu's Struandale plant foyer gets customised engine display

Mar 20, 2018
Isuzu's Struandale plant foyer gets customised engine display

Customising the engine on display in the Isuzu Motors South Africa (IMSA) foyer in Struandale, Port Elizabeth, became a project that united the new staff members, who worked on it.

Representing the heart of the Isuzu KB bakkie, this impressive shiny customised engine now also represents the heart of the new company: getting things done the Isuzu way.

While the Technical Services Department was tasked with customising the engine, the project created a lot of hype amongst many staff members, who gave advice on getting the engine in perfect shape before the launch of Isuzu Motors South Africa earlier this year.

The core team, who volunteered to take on the project, work in the Technical Services Department. They had just over a month to get an Isuzu D-Teq common-rail diesel engine looking like one of the customised engines on display at Isuzu Motors in Japan.

Diesel engines form the cornerstone of Isuzu products, said Dominic Rimmer, Executive, Technical Services at IMSA. As the world's largest commercial diesel engine manufacturer, Isuzu Motors has produced more than 25 million diesel engines to date.

"Companies around the world have chosen Isuzu diesel engines as indispensable partners for their businesses. Isuzu engines are used in the construction industry, in ships, forklifts and even in snowmobiles in the South Pole.

"These engines are valued for their combination of power, performance and reliability. In the marine market, users choose Isuzu engines for their sure-starting dependability. Customers also like the fact that Isuzu's advanced technology is continually raising the standards for low-noise, low-pollution industrial diesels," said Rimmer

Moreover, the South African built Isuzu bakkies and trucks share the same diesel technology and are similarly known for their reliability and dependability.

"In addition, we have the local engineering expertise here which ensures that our vehicles meet the requirements of our customers," said Rimmer.

It is then no wonder why the diesel engine that adorns the foyer of IMSA's head-office and plant, has become a show piece and an oasis for conversation among employees.

Image: Admiring their work of art are from left Moegamat Ally (sitting), John Mclachlan, Le Clue Mostert, Francois Schellingerhout, Jermaine Fortune and Jessel Vencencie.