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IT in the workplace: Impact of ‘professional’ or ‘assumed’ Computer Literacy

By Monique Anvari - Apr 20, 2017
IT in the workplace: Impact of ‘professional’ or ‘assumed’ Computer Literacy

Information Technology (IT) is serving the world as the pivotal centre for business success, among other things.  At the same time, the IT field has been defined as “the most rapidly changing environment!” 

As Computer Literacy is the nucleus of the IT field, it is also dynamic in nature; by the time one gets comfortable with a program, it changes!  Therefore, for many organisations and individuals, the issue of learning becomes quite vital; which leads to their need for Professional Training in Computer Literacy Courses. Lack of which, will have a negative impact on staff proficiency and productivity, organizational development, and service.  

However, with more than 20 years of professional service, as a fully accredited Computer Training Centre, we can testify to the fact that Computer Literacy is highly ‘assumed’ rather than ‘professionally measured/upgraded/ applied’ to daily tasks! 

Where are the gaps?

a)   As the use of PC is demanding and it looks friendly, it makes it possible for many to learn and do ‘things’ on the computer; and develop some kind of PC knowledge.  This is often assumed as basic computer literacy; and if is practiced for many years, it is assumed to be at Intermediate or Advanced level! 

b)   The learner has taken Computer Courses in the past; and due to lack of proper  practice, forgot how to apply its features. But still assumes to know it; even if a new version is in with new terminologies, concepts and features!

c)   The learner has attended computer courses which were not at professional level; or the courses were not taken in correct sequence.  However, any minimum training is assumed as the basic level!

d)   Some Key Courses, like Introduction to Microcomputers [for skilful use of the Mouse and keyboard and all essential terminologies and their practical use]; and MS-Word Basic [for foundational concepts and features applicable in other Courses] are technically required as the Prerequisites, before taking any other courses.  However, some assume that these are easy or not needed!

e)   The issue of budgeting may enforce taking one needed course, not the required preparatory courses; and assume that it is the right course!

What is the solution?

If aimed at good results, it is important that the SD, HR, and other departmental role players ensure that delegates are adequately prepared and understand the concept of the required Prerequisites.

How can we assist?

We provide courses as requested from us.  Alternatively, on request, we provide assessment, to determine where the Learner really stands, before starting a course.  For our valued clients we provide a diagnostic quick assessment, free of charge.

For more information, visit www.neweratraining.co.za today.