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Italian passion here: Enjoy a perfect cup of Pavin Caffé coffee at Salt

Italian passion here: Enjoy a perfect cup of Pavin Caffé coffee at Salt

Port Elizabeth has many good restaurants that offer a great vibe, excellent service and delicious food. However, I often find myself at Salt, which is situated along the bustling Stanley Street in the historic suburb of Richmond Hill.

While this popular day and night spot offers a comprehensive food and drinks menu that caters for all tastes, it is their amazing premium coffee that keeps them on top of my ‘local restaurants-worth-visiting’ list.

Each cup of Pavin Caffé has a unique flavour and aroma that summarises the distinctive passion, craftsmanship, tales and traditions of its place of origin - Italy. No wonder why it has since been taken up by several other eateries in the Bay after its success with customers at Salt.

Whilst enjoying my perfect brew with a colleague at the restaurant, we met with Pavin Caffé’s representative for the Eastern Cape, Manuel Lago, who shared with us the story behind the coffee.

Pavin Caffé, the company, started when two brothers named Luigi and Raffaele Pavin, opened a coffee shop in Tombolo, Padua, in the Veneto, northern Italy. In an effort to serve the finest espresso to their local connoisseurs, they ended up studying and selecting only the best Arabica and Robusta coffees.

Today’s authentic blends are apparently the results of that long and patient process down the years. The fame of the two brothers’ mastery spread from town to town in the past 60 years until it reached the coast of South Africa – partly due to the efforts of Manuel.

Nowadays, Pavin Caffè can be enjoyed in bars, restaurants, offices or at homes throughout the Eastern Cape after the company set up a factory in Lorraine, which also sells real Italian gelato. They also supply Pavin coffee machines.

Salt was his first client in Port Elizabeth and the restaurant has been serving this amazing blend since they opened.

Before parting with us, Manuel said that the taste of a good coffee should be like the fine notes and flavours mixed in a good glass of wine, and I personally agree. Take a world tour of these varied flavours and aromas at Salt.

As said before, it is also the perfect place to try from burgers and pizza, nachos, pasta and seafood to salads, curries, wraps, stacks and stir frys. Some of their most enticing menu offerings include the brie and fig gourmet burger, the Cajun chicken wrap and for the adventurous, the chilli chocolate steak.

The wine list is extensive, as is the cocktail menu. Items include the Long Island Dragon Tail. Overall, Salt is a laid back place that is just perfect for a chilled coffee, after-work drink, dinner, cocktails or an all nighter with old friends.

For more information, call them on 041 582 2402 or visit them along Stanley Street in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth today.