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Ivory Coast give in to host Sierra Leone for AFCON

Ivory Coast give in to host Sierra Leone for AFCON

The Ivory Coast government has agreed to let Sierra Leone’s national football team participate in the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) game in Abidjan on Saturday.

Sierra Leone’s national team had been barred from participating due to the current Ebola outbreak spreading through West Africa, with Sierra Leone being one of six countries to have the virus.

The Ivory Coast government banned the hosting all international sporting activities to keep the Ebola virus out of the country and had said that they would forfeit the game against Sierra Leone.

However, the country was warned that it would be disqualified from the AFCON games if they did not host the Sierra Leone football team.

The Ivorian government released a statement saying “The National Security Council authorises the holding of the Ivory Coast against Sierra Leone match."

Sierra Leone named their team members, who are based outside of the country and they have assured the Ivory Coast government that the coaching staff would be screened before travelling.

The Ivory Coast football team will face Sierra Leone on Saturday the 6th of September in Abidjan for the AFCON qualifiers game.


Photo courtesy of www.soccercorner.com