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Jail for Mqanduli men who robbed injured policeman of his firearm

Sep 14, 2018
Jail for Mqanduli men who robbed injured policeman of his firearm

Police in the Eastern Cape have welcomed the lengthy sentences handed down to two men, who attacked a police officer and robbed him of his service pistol in Mqanduli in 2015.

"The efforts of the investigators were rewarded when the Mqanduli Regional Court sentenced Aviwe Siswana and Inganathi Jika (both 24) to serve an effective twenty years and fifteen years imprisonment, respectively, for robbing a police officer and taking his service pistol three years ago," described police spokespeerson, Colonel Sbongile Soci.

"Siswana was sentenced to 15 years for robbery with aggravating circumstances, three years for illegal possession of a firearm and three years for illegal possession of ammunition.

"All the sentences will run concurrently."

Col Soci said that Siswana was also sentenced an additional ten years for possession of a semi-automatic firearm, five years of which was suspended.

Jika was sentenced to undergo 15 years imprisonment for robbery with aggravating circumstances and three years for illegal possession of a firearm. All the sentences will run concurrently.

"The sentences followed lengthy investigation after an off-duty police officer was involved in a motor vehicle accident on the night of 20 June 2015 near the town of Mqanduli," added Col Soci.

"While the injured cop was trying to walk the police station to report the accident, he was accosted by Siswana and Jika, who pointed him with a firearm and robbed him of his service pistol and fled.

"The pistol was only recovered a year later at the home of Siswana’s girlfriend, who later turned state witness."

He said that Jika will only start serving his 15-year sentence in the latest case after completing another 15-year sentence for another robbery of a police firearm.

"On 26 July 2018, he was convicted and sentenced by the Mthatha Regional Court, along with Likhona Poncana (25), for mugging another police officer in Mqanduli on 15 July 2015.

"The victim in that robbery was residing in the same block of flats with Jika. He was in his police uniform about to enter his flat after knocking off from work when Jika and Poncana ambushed him," Col Soci described.

"He tried to fight them off, but they stabbed him, leaving him with a paralysed index finger, and they made off with his service pistol."

That firearm was also recovered a year later at Jika’s girlfriend’s home and she also became the state witness.

“SAPS Management is content with the sentences which are a result of the quality investigative work by our Detectives together with the consultation and effective collaboration with National Prosecuting Authority. Attacks on police officials cannot be taken lightly anymore and any person who attack and/or robs a police official will face the full might of the law,” said Lt Gen Ntshinga.