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Jayde’s sister tells Panayiotou ‘she begged for your love and you killed her'

By Jesica Slabbert - Nov 17, 2017
Jayde’s sister tells Panayiotou ‘she begged for your love and you killed her'

It was an emotional day in the Port Elizabeth High Court on Friday as the sentencing for disgraced Port Elizabeth businessman, Christopher Panayiotou, and his co-accused, Zolani Sibeko and Sinethemba Nenembe, got underway.

Panayiotou, Sibeko and Nenembe were convicted of planning and executing the kidnapping and murder of his wife, Jayde, in April 2015, by the court about two weeks ago.

The proceedings started with State Prosecutor Marius Stander saying that they had one final witness they wished to call to the stand.

Defence Advocate Terry Price, however, requested that the sentencing proceedings be postponed, as he did not have enough time to go over Judge Dalayin Chetty’s 109-page ruling.

The postponement was granted, and the sentencing was set to the 23rd of November. Stander then requested that they deal with his witness and their statement.

The witness emerged as none other than Toni Inggs, Jayde’s sister. She had apparently requested that she read a statement to the accused in court on the day of their sentencing.

Toni read her emotional statement to the court, looking at Panayiotou the whole time:

“Jayde deserved so much more than the material things you gave her. She begged for your love and attention and this is how you repaid her?

You haven’t just taken away a beautiful, innocent woman, a teacher a carer a daughter, in my case a sister, you have taken away so much more than that.

In the last two and a half years we have felt isolation, and true fear. Experienced overwhelming anxiety and depression, and just to be clear Mister Price, this is a diagnosis, not a thumb suck.

I used to be a brave, independent young woman, and I am so angry that you have changed me. I constantly replay situations in my mind of how you will send people after me next. I memorise number plates, people’s faces, colours of cars every single time I’m driving alone. I’ve lost my faith and I trust nobody.

I’ve watched my mom and dad fall apart over and over again, all because of you. And all I can do is stand back and watch. I’ve never felt more helpless in all my life. How do you comfort a mom and dad when their daughter has been murdered execution style at the hands of her husband?

You have ripped Jayde from us so selfishly, and to put a price on someone’s life is the most cowardly thing I could ever imagine.

Attending court has been a hurtful, horrific experience for us. I never imagined anything could make our situation worse than it already was but being her was absolutely one of the worst experiences of my life.

From day one my family was treated like the enemy. My family and I were repeatedly disrespected by members of the defence team, and quite honestly I am appalled by some of the actions taken against us. You have contributed a lot to my family’s suffering emotionally.

We didn’t ask for this, we didn’t ask to be here, and we certainly didn’t deserve this treatment. No victims family ever deserves this kind of treatment.

I experience an overload of emotions on a daily basis, guilt, anger, sadness, grief, disgust, betrayal and hate. I don’t believe humans were designed to feel so many negative emotions at one time. I don’t believe that we were put her to kill and hurt innocent people the way that you three have.

I don’t believe that you should ever be allowed to walk free, lurking around corners stalking your next victims. After all, if Vumazonke, a known criminal, had not been released, Jayde might still be alive today.

Everyone screams ‘Bring back the death penalty’, but I do not wish death on either of you. Because honestly, I don’t believe you deserve the peacefulness that death has to offer.

I want you to know that my mom, dad and I, will never ever forgive you. The least you can do is look at me when I address you.”

Toni was then applauded by the gallery, to which Price asked why Judge Chetty was tolerating this.

Judge Chetty tried to reason that the people were emotional, to which Price stated that he was being ‘assassinated’ by Toni.

After Price’s outburst, Toni then continued reading her statement to the court.

The sentencing is set to begin on Thursday, the 23rd of November.