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“Jihadi John” described as a loner but dedicated employee

By Charl Bosch - Mar 2, 2015
“Jihadi John” described as a loner but dedicated employee

The head of a Kuwait based IT firm has described alleged Islamic State (ISIS) killer Mohammed Emwazi as “calm and decent” and “the best employee he has ever had”.

According to Sky News, the unnamed executive made to comments to Britain’s Guardian newspaper after the Washington Post last week identified Emwazi as the masked militia, Jihadi John, who appeared in a series of videos last year showing the beheadings of five Westerners and one Japanese.

“He was very good with people. Calm and decent. He came to our door and gave us his CV. How could someone as calm and quiet as him become like the man who we saw on the news? It’s just not logical that he could be this guy,” the executive reportedly told the paper.

Emwazi, who was born in Kuwait but spend of his life in London, abruptly left the company in 2010 to return to the British capital, a year after a reported safari to Tanzania ended with him being detained at Dar es Salaam airport and then questioned by MI5 at a stopover in Amsterdam, for reportedly wanting to join militant group Al-Shabab in Somalia.

Numerous incidents at UK airports, resulting from his travels to and from Kuwait, led to Emwazi leaving for Syria in 2013, after telling his family that was heading off to Turkey as an aid worker.

In a separate interview with the BBC, a former ISIS member who met Emwazi, described him as being different from the other Britons in that he seldom talked to them and wanted to appear in the jihadist group’s videos.

“He was cold. He didn't talk much. He wouldn't join us in prayer. He'd only pray with his friends. … the other British brothers prayed with us, but he was strange,” the defector told the broadcaster.

“The other British brothers would say 'hi' when they saw us on the road, but he turned his face away. The British fighters were always hanging out together, but he wouldn't join them."

He however added that “there was nothing special” about Jihadi John and that the grizzly videos are merely a means to attract to more support.

“"Isis play him like a piano. He's a celebrity to attract our Muslim brothers in Europe. Some joined Isis after watching and admiring him; they take him as an example.

“But some think he is showing off; they think he's being used by Isis. They want to defect; they'll run away, as soon as they get the opportunity,” he said.


IMAGE sourced from www.smh.co.au