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Joan of Arc: Remembering the birth of a heroine

Joan of Arc: Remembering the birth of a heroine

It has been stated that Joan of Arc did not actually know the date of her birth. However, it appears to be widely accepted that her birthday is the 6th of January, 1412.

As a child, Joan believed she was receiving instruction by various saints (including Archangel Michael) to take on a mission from God – namely to fight and defeat the English, who had been ravaging France since 1337 in what would become known as the Hundred-Years War.

She managed to get permission from the necessary authorities to launch an attack against the English siege of Orleans which began in early 1429. Dressed in armour, she led her troops to a victory over the English. Her actions motivated French spirits, which in turn would lead to many more victories.

In 1430, she was captured and sold to the English, charged with heresy, and burned at the stake. She was later declared innocent and, in 1920, was officially declared a saint.


Image courtesy of: www.emersonkent.com