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Joe Gqabi District Municipality opts to appoint 'compromised' CFO

May 25, 2017
Joe Gqabi District Municipality opts to appoint 'compromised' CFO

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape on Thursday said that it condemns Wednesday's appointment of a "compromised" Chief Financial Officer (CFO) by the Joe Gqabi District Municipality, to fill a two-year long vacancy at the municipality.

Accoring to Marina van Zyl - a DA PR Councillor and Caucus Leader in Joe Gqabi District Municipality, the DA, with the support of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), voted for Ms S du Toit, who is currently the acting CFO. 

"In her position as acting CFO, Joe Gqabi District Municipality achieved its first two consecutive clean audits.

"However, after an 'In-Committee' item, the Speaker read out the results to council stating that of the three applicants, Mr Paul Mahlasela had been the successful candidate," described van Zyl. 

"ANC councillors voted for Mr Paul Mahlasela, the former CFO for Ngqushwa Local Municipality, who has a history of obtaining Disclaimers from the Auditor General.

"What concerns the DA is the suspension (suspension to be linked with the Audit Report stating the suspension pg. 32)  of Mr Mahlasela in 2013 for his implication for financial misconduct following MEC Mlibo Qoboshiyane’s forensic investigation into Ngqushwa’s chaotic financial affairs (financial affairs to be linked to 2012/13 AG report) in 2012, with investigators implicating officials in colluding with service providers to defraud the troubled rural municipality.

Van Zyl said that the MEC’s report also ordered council to consider taking “appropriate action” against the implicated which included Mahlasela.

"Paul Mahlasela has a past of financial misconduct, coupled with Disclaimer Opinions from the Auditor General.  We are led to hold a view that a man in his position will only bring down the progress Joe Gqabi District Municipality has made," she added.

"We will approach MEC Fikile Xasa to probe into the investigation instituted by Hon Qoboshiyane as well as the appointment of Mr Mahlasela as CFO of the Joe Gqabi District Municipality.

"Where the Democratic Alliance governs, communities can rest assured that appointments are made based on the value that a candidate will add. The ANC in the Joe Gqabi District Municipality is clearly more focussed on cadre enrichment rather than bringing quality service delivery to our people.

"We are focussed on getting rid of corrupt officials, instead of employing them."