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Join Northpoint Commercial at charity golf day for Gracen Wallace

Join Northpoint Commercial at charity golf day for Gracen Wallace

Leading real estate agents, Northpoint Commercial, will be hosting a charity golf day in October for corporates with the aim of raising funds for the Gracen Wallace Project in Port Elizabeth.

Gracen Wallace is the daughter of Brent and Lee, who was born with a rare genetic condition, known as Chromosome 17p13.3 Duplication. Her condition is so rare that she may be the only known case in South Africa, even in the world.

Due to the complexity of her condition, numerous specialists have had to attend to her during her 3 years of life. This has caused the family’s medical savings to deplete and a huge financial burden for more essential medical treatments.

Gracen’s parents have managed to place her in a half-day intervention programme, that ensures that her various therapies and medical treatments are met throughout the week. These therapies are needed in order to assist Gracen with her growth, but they come at a substantial cost.

She has, however, show signs of improvement thanks to these therapies. She is now able to sit and roll over without assistance, walk short distances with the help of her special Kaye Walker and say ‘dada’. It was thought that she may never be able to walk and talk.

Gracen’s parents are hoping that the ongoing tests and the programme will be able to give them, and others, a better understanding of her condition and what could be expected of her in the future.

This golf day fundraiser is aimed at companies and businesses with a high income, which would be able to make large donations and assist Gracen’s parents in their ongoing struggle to raise medical funds for their 3 year-old daughter.

They already have 109 entries so far. There will be prizes to win, lucky draws and Goodie Bags for all participants. The golf day will be taking place on the 11th of October at the Port Elizabeth Golf Club from 11am onwards.

For information on how to enter or to make a donation, contact either 086 587 4471, Grant at 083 655 0114 or Cathy at 041 363 5519