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'Jordaan all about scandals and no hope' - Trollip

By Charl Bosch - Sep 10, 2015
'Jordaan all about scandals and no hope' - Trollip

Democratic Alliance (DA) Eastern Cape leader, Athol Trollip, has blasted Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan, for what he described as having made “no progress and no improvements” during his first 100 days in office.

Reacting to a media briefing delivered by Jordaan at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium on Wednesday, Trollip said the South African Football Association (SAFA) boss’ comments were mere “recycled empty promises” leading the Metro further away from good governance.

“Despite Mayor Jordaan’s commitment to reduce expenditure just over 100 days ago, this latest ANC administration is proving to be only interested in serving a connected few, at the expense of service delivery for all,” Trollip said in a statement.

“While Jordaan speaks of some cosmetic interventions, all of which were mere publicity stunts, he had no tangible positive impact on the lives of residents to speak of. No new housing deliverables, no new jobs, no new safety and security outcomes and no new economic development was detailed - because Jordaan has none to speak of”.

Taking a swipe at his cabinet, Trollip stated that the party had obtained documents showing that the Executive plans on increasing by 49 staff members, which proves the ANC under Jordaan, is “only concerned with employing even more cadres to further enrich and entrench its patronage network”.

“The veneer around Jordaan is crumbling. He now clearly is embarking on a cadre-deployment project, identical to those seen under previous ANC administrations. One-hundred days into office, Danny Jordaan has dodged scandals, rather than delivering change and hope,” Trollip continued.

“In the style of his boss, Jacob Zuma, Danny Jordaan has taken to handing over what should be commonplace municipal deliverables at a FIFA-style extravaganza, rather than getting the fundamentals right and delivering for all.”