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Jordaan gets tough on crime with Taking Back Nelson Mandela Bay campaign

Jordaan gets tough on crime with Taking Back Nelson Mandela Bay campaign

Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, has issued a crackdown on the war against crime and drug abuse with the launch of the Metro’s Taking Back Nelson Mandela BayCampaign at City Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

The campaign, which forms part of a R8-million collaboration between the municipality, Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) and community policing forum over the next three years, saw 63 police officers, a number of patrol vehicles and members of the K9 unit, descend on City Hall after marching through various streets of Central Port Elizabeth.

In his opening statement, Jordaan said the campaign had grown from an awareness program to a fully-fledged crime fighting incentive, aimed at making the Metro one of the safest in the country, as well as one that honours the fundamentals of late former President Nelson Mandela.

“Crime, drugs and gangsterism is a problem faced on a regular basis by people of this Metro. We have to take these affected areas back as they belong to the Metro and no-one else,” Jordaan said.

“We will no longer tolerate criminals, gangsters and drug dealers. We remain committed to make this city the best in the country, but to do so, we need a city that is safe. Our city has to be safe so that people would not have to worry about being separate from their families. We are here to warn criminals that they will no longer be allowed to ruin our city”.

Jordaan also brushed aside allegations that the Metro is facing economic difficulties, saying its bank account amounts to over R1-billion and that its remains financially sound.

“The Metro recently received a credit rating from Moodys as the highest in the country. Volkswagen has invested R4.5-billion in this Metro, Goodyear R670-million, Transnet over R3.5-billion and Prasa R1.8-billion. We have hosted delegates from Poland, France Ireland and Norway over the last two weeks, all interested in investment.

“This is important as part of crime prevention is the creation of jobs and opportunities for young people,” Jordaan said, adding that the Metro remains committed in rooting out cases of corruption, and take serious action against those found guilty of it.

Addressing the media at a post-launch briefing, MBDA CEO Pierre Voges said the campaign will also function as a cleansing operation to bring people and businesses back to the city’s often troubled hit Central Business District.

“The clean-up is a serious component that will support greater investment into the CBD. Safe clean areas will also boost our tourism industry, which is vital for economic growth,” he said.