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Jordaan: Inauguration sabotage rumours untrue - ANC

By Charl Bosch - May 25, 2015
Jordaan: Inauguration sabotage rumours untrue - ANC

It has been reported that a number of African National Congress (ANC) councillors are planning to disrupt this week’s inauguration of newly elected Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, and South African Football Association (SAFA) President Danny Jordaan, out of protest for his choosing as the embattled municipality’s fourth mayor in six years.

According to a weekend CityPress articles, “independent” sources within the party’s regional structure allege that a group of dissatisfied ANC members, plan on tabling a motion to block his swearing-in as mayor at a special sitting of council this coming Wednesday.

The article also claims that the councillors, numbering 18 out of the 63 in the 120 members chamber, plan on deliberately reducing the party’s slight five seat majority in an attempt to halt Jordaan’s inauguration, which was expected to take place this past Friday but cancelled due to the numbers apparently not meeting their expectations. The event saw Jordaan only being sworn-in as councillor.

“We only need a minimum of five ward councillors from the ANC. Then the meeting will not sit, because the ANC would not want to have a situation where Jordaan is embarrassed by opposition parties appointing their own mayor,” one of the dissatisfied councillors told the paper, with another stating, “When they convene another council meeting, we will alternate another group of councillors to stay away”.

ANC Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has however rejected the paper’s allegations, saying that all the party’s members were standing behind Jordaan as he takes over from Mayor Benson Fihla, who handed in his resignation on Thursday.

“There are no ANC councillors who are going to sabotage that meeting. All our councillors will attend and vote for Danny. We are not afraid of anything. We expect things to go as smoothly as they did when Danny was sworn in”.

Similarly, party Provincial Secretary Oscar Mabuyane, told the paper that they there were unaware of any councillor expressing displeasure at Jordaan’s appointment.

“There is absolutely no such thing. It’s just a game of information peddlers who are spreading baseless rumours.There was a caucus of the ANC, which was addressed by comrade Jordaan, and all councillors of the ANC are happy with the intervention; they are in a good mood; ready to get things done," he said.