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Jordaan’s commitment to public participation falls flat as 75% meetings cancelled: DA

Oct 7, 2015
Jordaan’s commitment to public participation falls flat as 75% meetings cancelled: DA

The Democratic Alliance's (DA) Eastern Cape leader and Nelson Mandela Bay mayoral candidate for the 2016 Local Government Elections, Athol Trollip, on Wednesday claimed that the African National Congress (ANC)-led administration in the Nelson Mandela Bay, under Danny Jordaan, has failed to deliver on its promise to increase community involvement in government affairs.

"It is outrageous that 75% of all IDP and budget planning public meetings were cancelled last night. This was due to the no-show of the Mayor and ANC mayco members, the deliberate exclusion of DA ward councillors and poor planning and advertising," Trollip said in a statement. 

"These meetings were meant to cater to residents in wards 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 39 and instead, the people of this Metro have once again been sidelined.

"The ANC has deceived NMB communities by promising to bring government to the people, and this must be condemned."

He said that Nelson Mandela Bay residents "deserve a government that delivers on its promises and promotes equal opportunity and fairness to all communities".

"I am currently taking our vision of a Caring City to the people of NMB, where the DA envisions a Metro that is close to its residents. Allowing community members to engage with government is crucial to building a caring environment in which residents feel heard and protected.

"While the municipality continues to ignore its duty to be accountable and available, I spend day after day on the ground listening to our residents. I have engaged with thousands of people since beginning my 60 wards in 60 days campaign, setting the standard for real public participation," Trollip said.

"For too long, the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality has been untouchable and unreachable, and it seems that nothing has changed under the new ANC administration."