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“Jordaan’s turnaround of Booysen Park a failure” - DA

“Jordaan’s turnaround of Booysen Park a failure” - DA

The Democratic Alliance in Nelson Mandela Bay has accused Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, of failing to fulfil his promise of dealing with the grievances submitted by residents of Booysen Park thirteen days ago.

Speaking in statement, party PR councillor Brian Kivedo, said Jordaan’s undertaking of a seven-day turnaround strategy for the area had gone down “in the style of all his ANC comrades before”.

“Nelson Mandela Bay continues to descend into increasingly violent protests by desperate residents who have been neglected by an ANC of endless broken promises,” Kivedo said.

“The Mayor’s commitments hold no weight when there is no follow-through. Our people are being left behind, and are being overlooked by this administration”.

He added that the raising of questions in council regarding the metro’s escalating housing crisis and ways to curb the increasing outbreaks of service delivery protests, had fallen on death ears, and that Jordaan’s failure rates as an “abuse of trust by a self-imposed gatekeeper of freedom and fairness”.