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Joy as 84-year-old Lady Frere woman became a first time homeowner

Mar 27, 2017
Joy as 84-year-old Lady Frere woman became a first time homeowner

Noragi Elsie Zamela’s long wait for confirmation of her home-ownership is finally over after waiting for her title deed since 2002.

On Friday, the 84-year-old Gogo became one 161 beneficiaries from the Lady Frere housing project to receive their title deeds from the  Eastern Cape Department of Human Settlements.

She lives with her two grandchildren in the subsidy house she received in 2002 and is one of the first beneficiaries to receive a house in the project. 

“I was one of the first people to apply and get a house in the area. Before I got this house I was moving from place to place. I am happy that I have now received a title deed as proof that I own this home,”Noragi Zamela said.

Between April last year and March this year, a total of 8 249 title deeds were issued to beneficiaries across the Province with a budget of R8 million rands.  The title deeds were issued to home owners in BCM, NMBM, Emalahleni, Kouga, Senqu, Nkonkobe, Nxuba, Ndlambe, Great Kei, Inxuba Yethemba and Mnqanduli municipalities.

Government housing subsidy beneficiaries and elderly people like Elsie Zamela from losing their homes through unscrupulous illegal sales and illegal occupation of their subsidy homes. MEC Helen Sauls-August said to the beneficiaries urgent the beneficiaries to look after the title deeds.  “If you lose it, you will have to pay huge money for re issuing of the title deed. Don’t sell the title deeds to anyone keep the title deeds it for your children and grandchildren,”she said.

Many beneficiaries have lost their homes due to the unavailability of title deed that confirms home ownership. Title deed can also be used as collateral in economic activities.

The department is prioritizing the issuing of title deeds so that beneficiaries can legally own their properties.  The title deeds deeds backlog for post 1994 is currently estimated to be at 77 000.

The Title Deeds Programmes is delayed by other factors such as illegal occupation of completed houses by other people or unclaimed houses by beneficiaries. As part of this programme, extensive verification and confirmation of beneficiaries before the title deeds are issued is undertaken to make sure that title deeds are issued to the rightful homeowners.

The department has appointed 26 conveyancers  last November to commence with the lodgement of transfers for the ultimate issuing of title deeds for post 1994. Each conveyancer is given a batch of 800 units to transfer.  Besides these appointments, the Department has been working with municipalities to collect and record title deeds.

Image: Eastern Cape MEC for Human Settlements, Helen Sauls- August, and Emalahleni Mayor, Nomveliso Nyukwana, handover a title deed to Noragi Zamela in Lady Frere.