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Joy as traffic officers from all corners of the Eastern Cape graduate

By Afikile Lugunya - Jun 8, 2018
Joy as traffic officers from all corners of the Eastern Cape graduate

It was an occasion of joy and celebration at the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Traffic College on Friday where a graduation was held for the first time since 2006 as new traffic officers from all corners of the Eastern Cape got their badges.

The 29 graduates represented five Eastern Cape municipalities – the Enoch Mgijima Local Municipality, Ingquza Hill Local Municipality, Mhlontlo Local Municipality, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, and the OR Tambo District Municipality.

In his keynote address, the college’s Deputy Director, Eric Tiso, emphasised the importance of respecting the uniform and the duty to one’s community that it symbolises.

“This uniform must not appear on the television for corruption. You are a law enforcement officer; your parents decided to take you to college, so that you can make them proud,” he described.

“So, don’t disappoint them, but make them proud; don’t rush because happiness is endless in this world. Once you progress, don’t forget where you come from.”

Also speaking at the event, Provincial Deputy Director - Traffic Control in the Eastern Cape ‎Department of Transport, Charles Bramwell, said that being a traffic officer is not just a job for anyone - passion is required to become the best traffic officer.

“This journey is dangerous. You will encounter many obstacles, so do not allow yourself to be compromised. Abide by the law - you have been given that position because of trust,” he said.

“The traffic officer’s uniform is a symbol of peace that is why traffic officers are identified as the officers of peace. Hold this image and be proud.

“You understand the circumstances, so protect the uniform, wear it with pride, and encourage others internally and externally. Upgrade the image by showing courtesy, loyalty, honour and dedication while you excel in your careers.”

Khothunyawo Mpendulo (23) from Tsolo was awarded the best student in the Legal aspect of the officers’ course, national road trafficking and the best academic student.

“I am speechless, I worked hard but I wasn’t expecting these awards. I want to thank my instructors, my parents for giving me this opportunity, the students who were supporting me while we were starting here I’m so grateful,” Khothunyawo told RNEWS.

To those aspiring to become traffic officers, he said: “There are a lot of challenges, but focus is the key to success.”

Maqhina Siniko (23) from the Mhlontlo Local Municipality was awarded the best firearm student, while Sokhanyile Wendy (28) from the OR District Tambo Municipality was awarded the best student award at the institution.

Maqhina said that the journey was not easy, but through focus and dedication, he was very happy that he made it.

He also congratulated his friend and colleague Khothunyawo.

“We were sharing a room and he passed on some good luck onto me to become the Best Achiever as you see that today I received an award.”

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