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Joy for resident after Metro finally removes tree that was damaging his home

By Liesl Silverman - May 30, 2018
Joy for resident after Metro finally removes tree that was damaging his home

Nelson Mandela Bay resident, Edward Carolus, is a happy man after the Metro finally sent a team to cut down a tree that was causing cracks in the wall of home.

The huge tree was located just meters outside his yard in Kensington, but its roots began to grow under his house causing major damage to his foundations and causing a long crack to appear in his wall.

In January, Carolus contacted the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality to ask if the tree, which was growing on municipal property, could be removed.

However, over five months of correspondence with officials at the municipality, Carolus still had no answers as to when or if the tree would be cut down.

He told RNEWS he felt that the municipality were being negligent of their duties, after he apparently been given different reasons as to why the tree could not be cut down by different officials.

"I was told that they will get back to me; there was also something said about raising funds for the removal of the tree," Carolus described before the tree was cut. 

"To date I have not heard anything and the situation is becoming dire… If it is not seen to soon, the damage to the house will go into hundreds of thousands of Rands, I am trying to avoid this."

RNEWS contacted Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Communications and Media Management Officer, Mthubanzi Mniki, on Tuesday, the 22nd of May.

He reported back saying that the delays were a result of insufficient funds in the Directorate.

"The job will be done by the end of this week depending on the weather conditions," Mniki promised.

"We hope that the situation will improve in the next financial year."

To Carolus’ surprise, the municipality kept their promise and arrived early on Monday morning to cut down and remove the tree.

“I have nothing against the tree. I like trees, but the cost of the damage to my house will probably run into tens of thousands of Rand if it remains there,” said Carolus.

“After months of trying to get the council to respond to me, I am incredibly happy that the tree is being removed.”

The Metro will also help Carolus pay for the damage caused to his house by the tree.

Carolus, however, said that he is worried about the amount of construction that will need to be done to his house and hopes that the damage is not too severe.

“I do feel that some of the damage could have been avoided, if the municipality had acted more quickly, but I thank RNEWS for the assistance.”