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'Just like with Patricia de Lille, the DA must rid itself of Trollip' Bobani

Dec 15, 2017
'Just like with Patricia de Lille, the DA must rid itself of Trollip' Bobani

Former Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Deputy Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, has accused Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip, of continuing "his invective" against ousted Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor Rashied Adams.

"It is unsavoury. The personal attacks are unbecoming a mayor," Bobani said on Friday.

"I am not interested in Trollip’s personal life, as he seems obsessed with the personal circumstances of people he targets, like Adams. I do not want current working telephone numbers of Trollip's nearest and dearest, as he demanded of Adams.

"I do not intend to do to Trollip what he threatened to do to Adams if he had not provided these numbers by midnight. How did Trollip say … 'I will f*ck you up!'"

Bobani said that he is, however, interested in Trollip’s political life.

"There seems to be many broken relationships in his life. In 2007, Trollip challenged DA Leader Helen Zille for her Office. He lost. She got him back for the challenge four years later," he described.

"In 2009, Trollip challenged Ryan Coetzee. He won. Coetzee left for England where he did splendid work in politics, while the DA had to contend with Trollip."

According to Bobani, in 2011, Trollip lost against Lindiwe Mazibuko.

"This was probably pay-back by Zille. Mazibuko eventually left for America, while the DA had to contend with Trollip, and eventually post him back to the Eastern Cape for what the leadership probably expected would keep him out of the way.

"In 2014, Trollip welcomed King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo into the DA. The relationship lasted a few days only. The King was jailed. Trollip never even visited his former friend in jail – like the Bible encourages benevolent people to do. The EFF’s Julius Malema visited the king!" Bobani said.

"In 2016, Trollip promoted Rashid Adams for the prestigious Ward 1. The relationship lasted a few months only. Also in 2016, Trollip put together a coalition to govern the Nelson Mandela Metro. The relationship lasted a few months only.

"Also in 2016, Trollip took me as his Deputy Mayor. The relationship lasted a few months only, and ended up in court. In 2017, Trollip promoted Nqaba Bhanga as DA Eastern Cape Leader. Bhanga did not even pitch for his victory speech. Also in 2017, Trollip attached to Marlon Daniels, in a desperate effort to finally oust me as Deputy Mayor. This relationship, with Daniels, lasted all but a day or two."

Bobani added that, however, this time Trollip went too far, when he yelled at a young, first time councillor, only months ago regarded as an upcoming star in the DA, 'I will f*ck you up!'

"This while Trollip also threatened Adams 'If you don’t … you will regret it immediately'."

He said that Trollip is quoted in the media acknowledging that the language was 'probably not appropriate, but …'

"'Not appropriate', doesn’t cut it, Mr. Trollip!" Bobani explained, "'Not appropriate' doesn’t cut it!

"And an admission followed by 'but' is no apology at all, Mr. Trollip! You are a public representative. You should know better! Broken relationships scattered over the scorched earth where Trollip had been. There is only one common denominator - Athol Trollip.

"It is the worst kept secret in Nelson Mandela Bay politics that several DA councillors had had enough of Trollip’s abuse and baasskap."

Bobani called on the DA should remove Trollip as Executive Mayor.

"The DA should remove Athol Trollip from Nelson Mandela Bay politics altogether. The DA should act decisively, as it eventually, after much damage had already been done, acted against Cape Town Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille, only yesterday," Bobani said.

"If the DA is not able to muster the moral resolve to remove Trollip, I trust that the DA’s coalition partners will act. Surely the Christian principles of the ACDP do not allow for Trollip’s boorish behaviour.

"Surely Trollip’s attitude insults a great leader such as the accommodating Mr Terror Lekota; surely Cope cannot condone Trollip’s intimidation tactics.

"Can the EFF remain on the fringe, refusing to enter into a coalition headed by the DA, run in NMB by someone like Trollip, yet protecting Trollip while he humiliates and undermines a young black leader?

"No man, Trollip. This is no way to motivate. This is no way to run a caucus. This is no way to run a Metro Council. This is no way to run a coalition. This is no way to manage relationships. This is no way to lead. Leave."

Bobani said that the people of Nelson Mandela Bay "should not be burdened by apartheid style leadership of the city named
after the kindly father of our nation! For the sake of the people of Nelson Mandela Bay, Athol Trollip, leave. Just go".