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Karoo Fracking Doccie, Unearthed, Screening in Graaff-Reinet next week

Jan 30, 2015
Karoo Fracking Doccie, Unearthed, Screening in Graaff-Reinet next week

The award-winning documentary film, Unearthed, will be screened in Graaff-Reinet on February 4 at John Rupert Theatre at 18:30, as part of a series of screenings happening nationwide. Entrance is free and the organisers are hoping to get more people involved in the Karoo fracking debate through this film.

Film synopsis

Unearthed, an independent South African feature documentary, investigates fracking in the United States – the technology’s place of origin – in order to understand what this new method of gas extraction could mean for the semi-arid Karoo and other countries who are considering its implementation.

The film covers the extensive journey that Karoo-born filmmaker, Jolynn Minnaar, took – 18 months of research; over 400 interviews; traveling across South Africa, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, to get to the bottom of the film’s controversial subject.

Minnaar, in Unearthed, challenges the assertion that hydraulic fracturing is a safe, time-tested technology and questions whether shale gas is the solution for our energy-hungry world – and as a solution to the poverty and high unemployment faced by Karroo, who will supposedly benefit from the fracking operations.

Armed with only a camera, she soon finds herself travelling to America, where she discovers a bleak landscape that is exploited by powerful energy companies at a terrible cost to both the environment and the health of the local communities.

It's a world where ill families are either desperate to talk, or bound by nondisclosure agreements that allow the companies to control a dangerous mythology.


International reception

Unearthed, which was released in June 2014, has won the Green Award at Sheffield International Doc/Fest in 2014; the Best South African Film Audience Award at the 2014 Encounters International Festival and the Audience Award Best Film at the 2014 Tri Continental Film Festival.