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Keep your city clean appeals Mayor Danny Jordaan

Jul 1, 2015
Keep your city clean appeals Mayor Danny Jordaan

Executive Mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, Dr Danny Jordaan, on Wednesday called on businesses, commuters, taxi rank operators, hawkers and communities at large to be more environmentally aware and conscientious about their waste.

"I have noticed that many of our public areas - in places such as Durban Road, Korsten, for instance - are plagued with litter and pollution, due to illegal dumping.

"I have met with our waste management officials, and can assure our residents that we are doing everything we can to negate the results of illegal dumping. However, we will never win the war if people continue to simply dump their litter in the streets, despite our waste management officials doing everything they can to clean them," the Mayor said.

"I therefore call on all businesses, hawkers, commuters, taxi rank operators and our general public to take more pride in our Bay. The communities that we live and work in, such as Korsten, belong to the people - it is your communal property to nurture, develop and keep clean.

"As the municipality, we will assist you in doing so, but all that we ask is that you deposit your litter in the public waste management bins and facilities that are provided by your municipality. We ask our businesses to make the necessary arrangements, either with private companies or with the Municipality, to have their refuse from their premises collected on a daily basis."

He also said that the city fathers were there to help residents make Nelson Mandela Bay a better place to live, work and play in.

The NMBM's waste management officials clean all public areas between 22:00 (10pm) and 02:00 (2am) everyday from Monday to Friday.

If one visits Korsten for example at 2:30 in the morning, one will see that the streets are spotless. From 06:00 (6am) until 14:30 (2:30pm), street sweepers are employed to sweep the streets and empty litter bins.

However, the extent of those who disrespect the environment by littering and dumping overhwhelms the municipal efforts in cleaning our streets.

Image: News24