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Keeping the lights on: Surge in demand for Rhino Group’s power back-up solutions

By Brain Hayward - Mar 17, 2015
Keeping the lights on: Surge in demand for Rhino Group’s power back-up solutions

In a bid to stem rising financial losses resulting from the intensified load-shedding by power utility Eskom, businesses are clamouring for Port Elizabeth-based Rhino Group’s off-grid energy solutions.

With power outages lasting for up to half a working day at a time, businesses can no longer afford to simply wait for the lights to come back on and are turning to the Rhino Group for tailor-made power back-up solutions to allow them to keep operating during load-shedding.

According to Rhino Group managing director Brian van Niekerk, the surge in demand for the company’s Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) solutions comes as firms attempt to stem financial losses incurred while their systems shut down during load-shedding.

“We have received significant interest in our short-term power back-up solutions for offices, as well as for homes,” said Van Niekerk. “These solutions are targeted at keeping key equipment and lights operating for up to four hours – the maximum duration of a scheduled load-shedding segment.

“For most businesses, time without electricity means a significant loss in revenue. Our solutions ensure that the lights, computers, phones and Internet – as well as other essential services – can continue operating without interruption.”

For many firms keeping lights, security equipment, computers and telephones operating during load-shedding was key, said Van Niekerk, adding that back-up solutions ranged from 3kVA to 10kVA. These lasted anywhere from 2 hours and over, depending on the business’s demand from the off-grid solution, he said.

The Rhino Group boasts one of the country’s leading solar power entities, Rhino Energy Solutions, which has installed some of the largest rooftop solar installations in the country. Such engineering and electronic knowledge is being brought to bear in designing smaller bespoke back-up solutions, using inverters and batteries for businesses and households.

Van Niekerk said many larger households were also needing to stay powered during load-shedding.

“Many households are also opting for solutions which will ensure the TV, lights, computer, security system and fridge – among others – stay on, even during two to four hours of Eskom blackouts,” he said.

“Over their lifespan, our back-up solutions will be extremely competitive when compared to generators.”

The group’s products also provide an added bonus – providing the ‘clean’ energy which technology, such as computers, required for operation, Van Niekerk said.  

For more information on back-up solutions for your home or business during load-shedding, contact Rhino Energy on (041) 451 3197, or via email at [email protected]