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Kickback and relax: The freshest fish, the best vibe

Kickback and relax: The freshest fish, the best vibe

Christy’s Catch started as a small, family run seafood deli in 2003 in St Francis Bay and has grown over the years, in reputation and size, into great restaurant that it is today.  Initially owned by Mark and Denise Christy, whose other business involved catching and exporting squid and hake, it is now owned by the very enthusiastic and friendly Harm Steyn and his wife, Nicky.

Obviously, with their fishing connections and being based in a fishing village, the seafood at Christy’s Catch is going to be the freshest around.  I can vouch for this as I’ve been eating at Christy’s for many years. I have to say that their fried hake in batter is the best that I have ever tasted.

More recently, Christy’s Catch has expanded their menu and they now serve Sushi, Thai Chinese cuisine and dry-age ribeye steak as part of the Surf and Turf option. My family and I particularly enjoy the combo platters and on a recent visit, we struggled to finish a Captains Platter and a Pirates Combo between the four of us because of the ample portions.

Situated on St Francis Drive and right in the heart of this village, Christy’s Catch is very popular with both locals (always a good sign) and visitors from out of town.  Jam-packed over the holiday season and very busy off-season too, Christy’s doesn’t just serve good food, it has a great vibe too.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on live entertainment.

This is the place in town where you can kick back and relax. The informal décor, with old fishing nets, faded buoys and thatch makes for a relaxed atmosphere.  The seating area is large and, although it is outdoors, is well-protected from the elements.  The waiters are well-trained, friendly and attentive.  Visiting Christy’s Catch is an experience and a very enjoyable one at that.

As an extra piece of mind incentive, Harm also recently installed a generator which allows you to enjoy every moment, even when Eskom refuses to play along.

For reservations, call 042 294 1644; to see their menu, visit www.christyscatch.co.za and find them at 171 St Francis Drive, St Francis Bay.