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King William’s Town police slams brakes on VW Polo thieves

By Charl Bosch - Jul 16, 2015
King William’s Town police slams brakes on VW Polo thieves

King William’s Town police have reportedly arrested five KwaZulu-Natal men responsible for a series of car-hijackings involving Volkswagen Polo’s.

According to The Times, the men, who were taken into custody two weeks ago after being spotted in Umzinto driving a stolen silver Polo sedan, were identified by victims, all woman, at the King Williams Town police station earlier this week.

It was also revealed that one of the vehicle belonged to Democratic Alliance (DA) secretary in Bisho, Linda Mputa, and that the men had threated her at gun point if she didn’t meet their demands

“They both pointed guns at me and demanded that I give them my car keys,” Mputa said, adding that the men had threatened to take-off with her one-year old daughter strapped in the back seat.

“I pleaded with them to allow me to take away my child. They agreed and later sped off leaving me stranded,” she said.

Police spokesman Lieutenant Siphokazi Mawisa said the men robbed another woman of a similar Polo a few days later using a Opel Corsa Utility with Durban number plates. The woman and her two children were unharmed while the car was later found abandoned not far from their house.

The third vehicle, a Polo GTi stolen from a woman near Ginsberg township in King William’s Town, was found in Kokstad yesterday along with the Corsa.

Mawisa stated that the men would appear in the King William’s Town Magistrate's Court tomorrow.