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Kingfisher FM confirms radio dj arrested for sexual assault works at the station

AUGUST 26, 2015
Kingfisher FM confirms radio dj arrested for sexual assault works at the station


Port Elizabeth-based Kingfisher FM on Wednesday morning confirmed in a statement that a popular radio presenter, who was arrested on Tuesday afternoon for alleged sexual assault is indeed contracted to the station.

"Today at 7:50am Radio Kingfisher Station Manager, Alan Ahlfeldt, made an on air statement confirming that a weekend presenter was arrested at the premises yesterday. The freelance presenter is contracted to Kingfisher and runs his own business. The charge as we know it is sexual assault," read the statement posted on the station's Facebook page.

"The police led the suspect away quietly and he is currently being held in police custody."

The station said that Ahlfeldt went to both Humewood and Mount Road police stations yesterday to get clarity on the situation, however the officers on duty were unable to give any.

It is understood that the suspect will appear in court on Wednesday.

The station also distanced itself from the alleged abuse.

"At no time does Kingfisher condone any abusive behaviour towards another human being. On the contrary we strive to offer hope, excellence, authenticity and to build relationships, all of this is underlined with the love of Christ. We at Kingfisher are vehemently opposed to the abuse of people or our environment and we pray that the truth will be revealed. Our belief is that the law will prevail and that justice will be served," it said in the statement.

Ahlfeldt has asked the community to please show grace and to pray about this situation.