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KITCHEN, BEDROOM, BATHROOM..: Seasons has everything you need to spice up your home

By Candra Neilson - Aug 8, 2014
KITCHEN, BEDROOM, BATHROOM..: Seasons has everything you need to spice up your home

We all know how shopping for kitchenware, bathroom accessories, bedding and other home comforts can be a difficult task. However, recently I discovered that it can also be an exciting adventure when you visit a great store with tons of merchandise, great service and pricing to help you personalise and improve your home.

I was returning to the office after a meeting with a client, when I came across Seasons, a homeware store which is conveniently situated at 9 Frank Street Newton Park, in Port Elizabeth. Coincidently, I was also looking for some items to freshen up a few spaces at my house.

We bought the house about two years ago and have been slowly renovating and refurnishing it into our dream home ever since. Part of my excitement at discovering Seasons was also because I love shopping for beautiful things!

With a few minutes to kill, I decided to see what they had on offer. It might not look like much on the outside but once inside, I found a sizeable shop that was beautifully set out, perfectly-organised and a super-efficient operation.

I decided my starting point would be in their Kitchenware section. At the fantastic baking supply corner, I found everything any aspirant baker would wish for in their kitchen. Here you will find an extensive range of cookie cutters, decorating tubes, novelty cake tins, baking pans, cupcake wrappers, cake stencils, edible glitters and more. Whether you are a housewife, a bakery or guesthouse you will also love their pricing.

When I moved over to the utensils area, it was pretty much the same story. There was a wide range of innovative, functional and colourful kitchen utensils for cooks of all abilities - some from famous brands and others that were new to me.

In the crockery department, I found Seasons well-stocked with everything for everyone. Again, here you can choose from their wide range of crockery sets, dishes, bowls, platters, jugs, mugs, gravy boats, clay pots, glasses, cutlery and storage containers – all in a variety of designs; from innovative to simple, square to round, plain to patterned, and in all price ranges.

Venturing further into the store, I came across dust bins, bread bins, pots and pans, all in different shapes, sizes and colours. I also noticed some of the biggest pots and serving pans that I have ever seen – I bet I could easily fit into some of them, even at six months pregnant. Industrious housewives, busy hotels and guest houses can easily source their kitchenware here.

After admiring some beautiful table cloths, vases, tea and coffee canisters, water jugs and dessert bowls in one area, I moved over to the Bathroom accessories section.

Here, there was an enormous range of bath linens, including bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, and bath mats. These were in many fashion colours, trims, patterns, sizes and quality to choose from.

They also stock beautiful and unique, readymade curtains and accessories, blankets, throw-overs, duvet covers sets and duvet inners and pillows - from hollow fibre to goose down. The linens have a vast range of a mere 130 thread count to a certified Egyptian cotton with an incredible thread count of 600.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I discovered that upstairs was an entire floor filled with beautiful rugs and mats of all sizes, texture and colours. Here, I found a large rug that I had been searching for ever since we bought our house. I went home with it for a mere R1 740. Who knows, you too can also find a new best friend for your feet and floors at Seasons!

Unique for a homeware shop, they also have comprehensive children’s and gift sections. I would have wanted to explore these sections as well but I had run out of time. You probably guessed it already that I will be going back to Seasons soon for a day of home décor shopping.

During my short time there, I had a brief chat with the Seasons’ owner. He told me that they also have a wedding registry available for brides-to-be. Trust me, for those just starting a home; you will not need to visit another homeware store! A new development is that from next month, they will also be stocking home appliances.

I enjoy shopping at stores like Seasons where the owner is there and is very passionate about his products and customer service. It may sound like a bold endorsement, but I want to challenge you to visit Seasons and find out for yourself if they are not one of the best homeware and appliance stores in PE.

To find all your home essentials under one roof, visit them at 9 Frank Street in Newton Park in Port Elizabeth or contact 041 365 5650.