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Koeberg fault adds to Eskom’s worries

FEBRUARY 2, 2015
Koeberg fault adds to Eskom’s worries

Eskom on Monday said that the power grid is under pressure after one of Koeberg Power Station's units, which produces 900MW, has been taken out of service on Sunday.

"Unit One is out of service because of a technical fault," Eskom spokesman Khulu Phasiwe said.

"The power system is relatively stable, but the grid will be under pressure later today because we have lost 900MW from that unit.

"We have decided to take out unit one so that we can inspect it and see what is the fault on that transformer. This morning we are going to get feedback from technicians on a way forward."

The same unit was due to undergo maintenance next Monday.

"The technicians will inform us whether they will bring forward the scheduled maintenance, or whether the fault on the transformer is minor and can be fixed to bring it back to normal," Phasiwe said.

The parastatal said Unit 2 was generating full power and there was no nuclear concern.

South Africans experienced stage 1 and stage 2 load shedding last week, due to the unavailability of some of Eskom’s generating units.