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“Kotze was never CFO” - Ndlozi

“Kotze was never CFO” - Ndlozi

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has rejected claims of financial irregularities made by its suspended Chief Financial Officer in Gauteng (CFO) and controversial former member Kenny Kunene, describing it as “lies without any proof”.

At a press conference yesterday, Wiekus Kotze, who was placed on suspension five months ago for fraud, accused party leader Julius Malema and Deputy President Floyd Shivambu, of “questionable financial practises” after he was asked to make payments without issuing invoices.

Kotze also claimed that Malema used party funds to pay for his tax costs brought by the South African Revenue Service (SARS), and that he and Shivambu had been channelling money into an off-shore account.

Flanking Kotze, Kunene stated Malema was being funded by “illegal cigarette mafias” and that he had become obsessed with money.

Speaking in a statement, EFF National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, admitted to Kotze being part of the party, but insisted he was never CFO “as we don’t have such a position”. He also added that the Treasurer General and Finance Committee are responsible for the party’s finances.

“Mr. Kotze was formally charged by the EFF Caucus in Gauteng for illegally and without authorisation transferring money of the organisation to his personal account in the pretext that he was paying for T-shirts.

“When Mr. Kotze was confronted about this transaction, he admitted to this impropriety and fraud, and offered to resign as an employee of the organisation, and specifically pleaded that we should not report the case to the police as he was going to pay back the money,” said Ndlozi, adding that Kotze was immediately released from his position and that they are still waiting for him to make the payment.

Responding to Kunene claims, Ndlozi said the former convict turned businessman was never a founding father of the party as claimed, and that there are stark differences between the EFF and the Patriotic Alliance he founded with Gayton McKenzie, the latter having accused Malema of financial misuse in a scathing letter leaked to the media in February.

“Like all the detractors who claim to have founded the EFF, he was accepted as a member and later advised to step aside due to the obvious reason that he was a humiliating liability to the organisation. The EFF issued a public statement when Mr. Kunene joined the EFF and issued another public statement when he resigned, and he most certainly is not a founder of the organisation,” said Ndlozi.

He also maintained that the party was unaware of a case being opened by police regarding the allegations, but stated that the “EFF will gladly co-operate with legal authorities who wish to gain clarity on the sources, nature and character of this malice”.

“We are an organisation that has functional financial accountability systems and will never account to detractors who are hell-bent on defaming the EFF. As a matter of record, the EFF is not engaged in any criminal activity and does not have any off-shore account as alleged by these detractors,” he said, before labelling the claims as “attempts to damage the image of the EFF”.


CAPTION: Economic Freedom Fighters National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi