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Kou-Kamma officially launches annual Mayor’s Cup

AUGUST 4, 2014
From left to right, Cacadu District Municipality Executive Mayor, Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana, Kou-Kamma Local Municipality Mayor, Sam Vuso and Kou-Kamma Municipal Manager, Sabelo Nkuhlu, handing over sports equipment and clothing to local teams at the official launch of the Kou-Kamma Mayor's Cup

As a boost for local sports, the Kou-Kamma Local Municipality officially launched its own annual Mayor’s Cup under the theme ‘Building and Sustaining Social Cohesion and Unity through Sport

Development’ at an event held at the Kagiso Heights Hall in Kareedouw on the 20th of March.

The Mayor’s Cup aims to encourage sport development in the Kou-Kamma Local Municipality by bringing the youth closer to sports; identifying and exposing local talent as well as by promoting interactive community participation. Above all, it is hoped that the cup will be a platform to launch talented local players into provincial and national games.

Present at the launch were Cacadu District Municipality Executive Mayor, Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana; Kou-Kamma Local Municipality Mayor, Sam Vuso; Kou-Kamma Municipal Manager, Sabelo Nkuhlu; and Cacadu District Municipality Portfolio Councillor for Economic Development, Noel O’Connel, who is also the President of the Kou- Kamma Rugby Union and member of the Cacadu District Sports Council, as well as local Councillors, clubs and sponsor of the event, Cape Pine.

In her keynote address, Executive Mayor Kekana highlighted the importance of sport as an essential community service and as a catalyst for local development and said that sport should not be taken for granted.

“Sport should be viewed as an essential service. There are kids who are struggling academically, but put them outside with a ball, they are able to utilise the gift that

God has given them – their feet, arms and legs – to be able to make an income,” she said.

“It changes your mindset, keeps you healthy, encourages discipline and helps to develop an efficient society, but most importantly, it helps in fighting all the unnecessary elements associated with crime.”

Executive Mayor Kekana also stressed that sport development was a priority area for the Cacadu District Municipality as it is part and parcel of social infrastructure development.

“During Integrated Development Planning meetings we often talk about housing but never mention sports fields. Once a shortage of houses has been identified, the next thing we think about are clinics, schools and sports fields,” she said.

She further encouraged young people to engage in sports because it develops one’s future, saying; “…when you deal with sport, you have a sharp mind, you think constructively.”

Following the launch, the 2014 Mayor’s Cup tournament was held between the 21st and the 22nd of March. A total of 18 soccer, 13 rugby and nine netball teams from across the Kou-Kamma Local Municipality participated.

Winners of the Mayor’s Cup soccer tournament were the Super Eagles from Louterwater, while the netball tournament was won by the Mighty Angels from Woodlands. The rugby tournament was won by the Kareedouw Tigers from Kareedouw.