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Kouga Mayor explains 'whites encouraged to apply' ad

By Afikile Lugunya - Jul 13, 2017
Kouga Mayor explains 'whites encouraged to apply' ad

The Kouga Local Municipality on Wednesday said that the decision to retract a statement on its online advertisement for General Workers that specifically encouraged "white males and females" to apply following a public outcry was to avoid further confusion.

The statement, which was taken down read; "White males and females are especially encouraged to apply."

Kouga Local Municipality Executive Mayor, Elza van Lingen, told RNEWS that the municipality recruits based on its Employment Equity Plan, which is a legal requirement.

“There are too few white males and females in the ‘unskilled and defined decision-making’ (general worker) category," she said.

"That is why the original advert encouraged these groups to apply so that the municipality can get its equity right at this level.

“At present, the municipality has 148 African male general workers; 117 Coloured male general workers and 0 white male general workers."

She said that the numbers for female workers also need to be looked at.

“When it comes to women, the municipality employes 67 African general workers, 49 Coloured general workers and 0 white general workers," the Mayor described.

“What is important is that this does not mean applications from other designated groups will not be accepted. Anyone is welcome to apply and the best man or woman who is fit for the purpose will get the job.”

The municipality received scathing criticism from a former ANC Ward Councillor over the advert, who accused the new DA-led Council of often acting irrationally.

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