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Kouga Municipality orders evacuation due to runaway St Francis Bay fire

Dec 18, 2018
Kouga Municipality orders evacuation due to runaway St Francis Bay fire

The Kouga Local Municipality on Tuesday advised local residents that a runaway fire is burning among the houses at Harbour Road, St Francis Bay.

"All residents and holiday-makers in the area, up to Assissi Drive, are advised to evacuate as a matter of urgency," the municipality said.

"Should you need a safe place to go to, please go to the St Francis Bay municipal offices."

The Kouga Local Municipality has not advised how the St Francis Bay fire started.

Authorities and residents pulling together in face of St Francis Bay fire

It is understood local firefighters have been dispatched to battle the blaze.

"If anyone wants to help with the fires on harbour road, please can you drop off water, eyedrops and surgical masks for the firefighters. Leave items at the Church. You will have to park and walk before the church as the road is closed," appealed one local resident on social media.

A St Francis Bay resident also reported that TCS Wi-Fi has unfortunately lost one of its key highsites in the fire that is currently burning in St Francis Bay.

"So, if you are without internet, that is why. Our thoughts are with those who have lost their homes and the brave people helping to fight the fires. At this stage we have no ETA on when connectivity will be restored but we will keep you updated."

People have also taken to social media to share their sympathies with the residents of St Francis Bay.

This is a developing story, more imformation to follow...

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