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Kragga Kamma Game Reserve dehorns rhino to deter poachers

MAY 24, 2016
Kragga Kamma Game Reserve dehorns rhino to deter poachers

Some decisions are harder than others... The last remaining horned rhino at Kragga Kamma Game Reserve, near Port Elizabeth, was dehorned on Tuesday morning in an effort to protect the animal against poachers.

"Almost seven years ago, beautiful Bembi was born here at KKGP. So gorgeous was she at this age that even a hugely talented English artist Richard Symonds Artist did a stunning real life artwork of her," said the reserve in a statement.

Bembi's mom, Bella, was de-horned shortly after the image below was taken as "we were receiving a steady stream of intel that poachers were targeting her for her magnificent horn".

"Today we find ourselves in a similar situation with Bembi being the only intact rhino on the property. We are again experiencing an increasing number of poacher related 'íncidents'," the reserve said.

"Our family have agonised over the decision to de-horn or not to. Not an easy decision to make as there is not a day that goes by, that we are not heartbroken seeing the rest of our family herd thus defaced.

"Fearing that Bembi especially must be the target, and knowing that it's a matter of 'when' not 'íf', we have finally reached the decision to de-horn our beautiful girl... rather this than than having to face the alternative."

The dehorning was overseen by veterinarian and rhino conservation specialist Dr William Fowlds.

Main image: a dehorned rhino. Courtesy of www.yuppee.com. Second image: courtesy of Kragga Kamma Game Reserve via Facebook.