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Kunene warns “blind” South Africans against Malema

Kunene warns “blind” South Africans against Malema

Controversial businessman, Kenny Kunene, has once again hit out at Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema, saying that the firebrand politician’s increase in popularity could have negative implications for the country.

Speaking ahead of a panel discussion in Franschhoek over the weekend, Kunene stated that South Africans have become “blinded” in their hatred for President Jacob Zuma, that none had taken notice of Malema’s rapid political gains.

“At the moment Malema [does] not even have administrative power; what do you think he will do when he has administrative power,” Kunene told The Citizen.

“We can write open letters to Jacob Zuma, we can do cartoons of his private parts, we can insult him as politicians in parliament [and] we can insult his family, [but] he has the highest respect for democracy. South Africans are blinded by their hatred of the man [who] allows [them] freedom of speech and … freedom of everything”.

In a scathing attack last month, the former EFF party member and convict alleged that Malema’s operations were being sponsored by “illegal cigarette mafias” and that a faction of the ANC had promised him a top position if they don’t succeed in achieving a clear majority.

EFF National Spokesperson, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, later described Kunene as a “humiliating liability to the organisation”, as indicated by his establishing of the Patriotic Alliance with Gayton McKenzie, the latter having accused Malema of financial misuse in a letter leaked to the media in February.


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