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Kwa-Zakhele residents take to the streets after ANC ‘imposes’ candidate list

By Asavela Fekema - May 25, 2016
Kwa-Zakhele residents take to the streets after ANC ‘imposes’ candidate list

Angry protestors from Kwa-Zakhele (Ward 22) in Port Elizabeth blocked off streets on Tuesday, after a heated argument between them and local African National Congress (ANC) officials.

Tensions are high after the ANC leadership allegedly imposed its choice of candidates, who will be representing it in the upcoming 2016 Municipal Elections.

The protestors burnt tyres and closed down the Daku, Njoli and Salamntu Road.

Ward 22 community members said, the ANC was not speaking to them directly as people of the area and ignoring them when they want answers.

Earlier last week, the same residents closed down the councillor’s office in Kwa-Zakhele and dumped waste just outside the office of Councillor Nosipho Bhelu, demanding that she comes out and answers them about the list of candidates that was approved by the party.

ANC regional task team co-ordinator, Bheza Ntshona, however, told so that, the ANC is still finalising its candidates countrywide for the up-coming local government elections.

“The list for the candidates has not been finalised yet, and we will address the public after it is finalised. The list still needs to be scrutinised at a national list conference on Thursday and Friday,” said Ntshona.

The protestors said they will only stop burning tyres and protesting when the ANC answers them on why certain candidates are on that list.